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Equipment designed and manufactured in Germany

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Striving for Excellence

HYME is about more than just fitness equipment - it's about striving for excellence in every facet of life.

Our brand embodies this claim at both the brand level and the product level. We believe that true excellence is achieved through continuous improvement and dedication. Every detail of our products is carefully thought out to provide you with the ultimate training experience. We pursue a vision in which our fitness equipment is the foundation of your success.

Our products are designed to fit seamlessly into your home. We understand how important time flexibility and aesthetic harmony are to your success-oriented lifestyle. By integrating HYME equipment into your living space we create the perfect connection between your strive for excellence and your everyday environment.

Each of our products is not only an instrument for your workout, but also a design masterpiece that adds to the beauty of your interior.

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Einrichtungsbeispiel Schlafzimmer
Einrichtungsbeispiel Arbeitszimmer

Developed and manufactured in Germany

HYME is proud to be at home in Germany with its development and manufacturing facilities located in the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main metropolitan region.

Here, each of our products is manufactured with highest precision and attention to detail. Our commitment to perfection goes beyond the ordinary. Every piece of luxury fitness equipment that leaves our workshops displays the quality that only German craftsmanship can offer.

At HYME we believe in individuality. Each of our products is truly unique, carefully crafted to deliver the highest quality while maintaining aesthetic excellence. We rely on the finest materials and precise workmanship to ensure that every product is not only functionally outstanding, but also a visual highlight.

Your fitness routine is unique, and our goal is to support you reaching your personal goals in the most elegant and successful way.