Fitness equipment for aesthetes

Sophisticated design in every detail

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Our product design - perfection in every detail

At HYME, we pursue a product design that embodies performance and elegance in every aspect.

Each of our fitness products is designed with a meticulous attention to detail - from the silhouette to the smallest corner. We believe that true brilliance lies in the fusion of form and function. Therefore, our products are not only functionally perfect, but also show excellence in design that can be felt at every angle. This careful composition enables us to create a training experience that not only delivers results, but also inspires visually.

Our fitness equipment shares a common design language that makes each product a seamless part of the overall picture. The basic geometry of the dumbbell runs as a stylistic element through the the entire product range, whereby the height of the base body and the radius of the curvature are always in the same ratio.

Each individual piece contributes to the overall composition and creates an atmosphere of consistency and order. This design concept not only emphasizes the visual aesthetics, but also symbolizes the union of strength and beauty that HYME embodies.

Einrichtungsbeispiel Wohnzimmer Living
Einrichtungsbeispiel Schlafzimmer Bedroom
Einrichtungsbeispiel Arbeitszimmer Office

A statement for your lifestyle, incorporated into their interior

Our fitness products are designed to blend in seamlessly with your existing interior.

You don't need a dedicated fitness room to benefit from HYME. Instead, each of our products integrates into your living space and contributes to an athletic, success-oriented lifestyle. They are an expression of your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a symbol of your determination to achieve your goals.

Seamless integration into your interior helps you make your workout an integral part of your daily routine. The constant visibility of our products confirms that your pursuit of excellence is an integral part of who you are.