Dumbbell Rack

Performance Weight Set

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The perfect dumbbell set for those with high ambitions

The DUMBBELL RACK is a horizontal dumbbell rack in a set with 6 pairs of DUMBBELLS from 10kg to 20kg in increments of 2kg. Thus, this set is aimed at all those with high demands on their training routine.

DUMBBELLS can be freely arranged on the DUMBBELL RACK, which considerably simplifies handling with heavier weights. Due to the visually emphasized storage surface and a steel element as a counter support for the DUMBBELLS, the DUMBBELL RACK looks tidy and elegant at all times.


Noble tray

With the DUMBBELL RACK your DUMBBELLS find their place on a noble leather bed. This provides a non-slip surface and puts the DUMBBELLS in the foreground in terms of design.


Aesthetic highlight

The DUMBBELL RACK becomes a visual highlight in any room. Both in combination with other HYME equipment as well as a stand-alone piece, the simple yet extravagant design attracts all eyes on itself.


Best Ergonomics

In order to make loading and unloading of the DUMBBELL RACK as ergonomic as possible, the shelves are inclined at an angle of 10°. A decorative element made of stainless steel also ensures easy storage.

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