Dumbbell Tower

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The most beautiful dumbbell set for daily fitness routine

The DUMBBELL TOWER is a vertical dumbbell rack in a set with 8 pairs of DUMBBELLS from 2kg to 9kg in increments of 1kg. With this you have the perfect weights for a daily workout routine always at hand.

The DUMBBELLS are stored in precisely manufactured pockets. Due to this form of storage the DUMBBELLS integrate seamlessly into the overall design of the DUMBBELL TOWER. In addition, the leather handles of the DUMBBELLS are accessible at all times, enabling ergonomic loading and unloading.


Precise fit

Each individual DUMBBELL lies in an individually cut pocket. Its special design prevents the DUMBBELLS from falling out and makes it easier to store them.


Visual Integration

The design of the DUMBBELLS merges with the overall look of the DUMBBELL TOWER, creating a unique and structured appearance, which is not to be found in conventional fitness equipment.


Ergonomic arrangement

The ascending staggering of the DUMBBELLS allows heavier weights to be removed and deposited close to the body at chest height. The dumbbell handle can be reached from above as well as below.

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